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About Us: The Wisdom Vision Network 

The Wisdom Vision Network promotes freedom for everyone and every nation. You are invited to join us by becoming a “Freedom Advocate” so you can enjoy many free and exciting benefits! You will also learn how you can be rewarded for taking an active or passive part in helping us to achieve our objectives below. Here is a short list of our mission, vision, and goals.

The Best Free Tools, Resources, and Strategies. No matter your personal or professional interests, we strive to provide the best free tools, resources, and strategies that can help you achieve your goals and excel to your highest potential.

Philanthropy. We see the necessity to help the many people in need throughout our nation and the world, but we realize we cannot do enough on own; consequently, via our "Global Philanthropy Initiative" The Wisdom Vision Network endeavors to unite people of like mind that want to help others in need. We have a passion to serve the following causes:

  • Feed the Hungry
  • Clothe the Poor
  • Provide Clean Water to the Thirsty
  • Shelter the Homeless
  • Care for Those with Injuries and Illnesses
  • Care for the Mentally and Physically Challenged
  • Care for Widows and Orphans
  • Care for Wounded Warriors and Their Families
  • Care for Injured First Responders and Their Families
  • Minister to Prisoners
  • End Human Trafficking
  • Provide Help After Natural Disasters
  • Military and Veteran Support
  • Many Other Worthy Causes

Doing Incredible Things as Organized Groups: Instead of millions of individuals with similar passions to serve but struggling to act alone due to lack of resources, now we can all do outstanding things as powerful teams and organized groups! To help us all to find those with like interests, see our associated universal hashtags further below that can be used on all social networks. Users can use the “search feature” in each respective platform to find relevant posts based on our hashtags. Help us spread the word by regularly using your favorite hashtag(s) from the list toward the end of this message on all of your social network accounts.

Discover and Accomplish Your True Purpose for Living. We at The Wisdom Vision Network believe that everyone has a special purpose; consequently, we help everyone to discover and/or develop their purpose for living so they can enjoy rich and fulfilling lives. Everyone learns about the free programs we provide that allow our members to support the church or charity of their choosing while also passively supporting many other worthy causes that help people in need. At Wisdom Vision, we believe that…

It is in giving that we find our true purpose for a living! 

Breaking Free from Traditional Career and Business Constraints. Major industries and institutions often place obstacles to success in the way of those that don’t follow their narrow paths. This type of power can often result in corruption, nepotism and other unfavorable and unfair acts that leave many unemployed or underemployed. While The Wisdom Vision Network often offers information on succeeding via traditional routes, we also provide alternative tracks to success in new and exciting ways. So, independent news outlets, online Christian ministries, entrepreneurs, artists, singers, bands, musicians, entertainers, bloggers, vloggers, and independent contractors from all types of industries can now discover new pathways to incredible achievement!

New Career Opportunities. In light of the changing job market, we want to introduce everyone to “New Concepts” for income and wealth generation. From online entrepreneurial endeavors to securing one of the millions of new jobs that will be created over the next decade, we strive to provide relevant information that can help everyone take advantage of new and even future career and business marketplaces!

Spiritual Inspiration and Christian Advocacy. The world can be very dark without the Light of God in our lives. We respect people of every faith and we provide uplifting spiritual inspiration and messages to help deal with daily life in a positive and joyful way. Learn how to make every day a spiritual retreat! We feel that if you believe in Jesus Christ then you are either an ordained or lay minister and have a special calling to use your talents, gifts, and resources to help bring God's love to others. We provide tools and resources to help ordained ministries, lay ministries and all people of faith to flourish and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to the entire world!

Healthy You – Healthy Nation – Healthy World. The key to quality healthcare is prevention. At The Wisdom Vision Network, we bring the most relevant and up-to-date information regarding advanced nutritional concepts, easy exercise programs to get and stay fit, the latest medical advances, disease prevention, illness reversing, and even curing illnesses and diseases via natural remedies that work,  and much more. We truly want to help everyone improve their personal health and fitness!

Health Advocate. Join us in sharing the latest Healthy YouHealthy NationHealthy World information and also experiencing the lifestyle changes, advanced fitness plans, cutting-edge scientific lifestyle eating plans, and superb nutritional products that can help you experience life to the fullest!

Personal and Professional Development. The Wisdom Vision Network provides the latest advancements in personal, professional, entrepreneurial, intellectual, psychological, physical, and spiritual development!

Personal Motivation. The world's highest achievers have found ways to break through barriers and many use self-motivation and self-inspiration methods on a regular basis to get to and then stay at their highest levels of success. We bring forth the best motivation and inspiration techniques and information to help everyone attain their maximum performance and achievement!

Wealth Creation and Management. The Wisdom Vision Network provides the latest in personal wealth creation and wealth management tools and strategies via superior investment, savings, asset accumulation, financial protection, insurance, personal business, entrepreneurial and other advanced resources!

Smart Prepping Resources. We’ve all seen with the aftermath of natural disasters and other catastrophes that those who prepare for the unexpected do far better than those who don’t. We present advanced and cost-effective emergency preparedness strategies and resources!

Lifelong Education Series. The Wisdom Vision Network presents advanced education techniques and resources for everyone from toddlers to senior citizens. Our brains have a tremendous capacity to constantly learn more and more throughout our lives. As a matter of fact, research proves it is vitally important to keep learning in order to maintain good mental and brain health. Focused education techniques can be used to quickly learn any subject and then move on to the next. Superior wisdom and knowledge bring confidence and courage to take action and experience great achievements. We make learning fun and provide motivation for you to learn at least 10 new things every day to maximize your full potential!

Advanced Success Concepts. Wisdom Vision provides the latest advancements from success concepts such as those explored by great books such as The Millionaire Next Door, Rich Dad – Poor Dad, and others that can be used by virtually everyone to break free from the “high-debt, low-savings lifestyle” and move to debt-free and wealth creation strategies!

Family Advocacy. The Wisdom Vision Network brings forth information and resources with the intent to help solve the problems of broken families and fatherless homes. We need your help to advance a cultural change to end the “use and be used” mentality and instead move to societal norms were everyone is valued, respected, and cared for. We promote advanced relationship and family rearing strategies to reduce stress and enhance conditions that promote acceptance, forgivingness, unconditional love, and rock-solid lifelong marital partnerships and family relations!

Successful Children Initiative. We all know that our children are our future, but it can be confusing how to prepare them for the rapidly changing school and workplace environments. The Wisdom Vision Network promotes advanced concepts, tools and resources to help parents to develop the best strategies to raise strong, independent, and successful children!

Business and Government Innovations. The Wisdom Vision Network endeavors to bring concepts for new business innovations and the best efficiency standards, systems, management, operations, logistics, marketing, sales and administrative advancements to the business world, government entities, independent entrepreneurs, and to individuals!

Best Energy Mix. The Wisdom Vision Network advances the benefits of a total energy mix while also bringing better energy sources to the forefront via sustainable and long-term power innovations that are safe and reliable!

End Human Trafficking. The Wisdom Vision Network seeks to change the culture and expose the sick and psychotic sub-cultures that promulgate unfettered perversion and abuse. Together we can bring universal awareness of these problems in order to drastically reduce with the intent to end sexual abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking. We need the help of like-minded individuals to bring awareness to all nations across the globe and to form strong advocacy groups so we can stop these terrible scourges. People of faith and everyone that wants to help throughout the world must come together to promote the regaining of respect for women, children and all people.

End Slavery: Across the globe, approximately 50 million people are forced into slavery. Many others are also forced into some sort of servitude in order to survive. By organizing and bringing awareness of this problem out in the open we can persuade governments to take action to stop these crimes against humanity. 

Religious and Political Freedom. We've seen a dangerous trend over the past decades but especially over the past few years where various political and religious viewpoints are silenced by private and government institutions, the news media, the social networks, and the search engines. In 2017, search engine and social network executives testified before Congress and confirmed what was believed to be true for many years, and that is many people are being censored, shadow-banned, de-monetized, and even social network accounts terminated due to their political and religious viewpoints. We look to reverse these trends by introducing everyone to new platforms of expression that allow full freedom of speech. If we ever allow the freedom of speech to be lost, then we lose everything.

The Global Peace Initiative. We all see that there are elements within the world that cause wars, genocide, and conflicts. The obvious culprits are those that commit terror and/or start wars and commit genocide in the name of religion or specific political ideologies, but there are also many nations that have what is known as “Deep State” or “Shadow Government” entities that work to maintain their power and control that likewise cause conflict, oppression, and war. Many governments don’t work for the people they represent and instead are “bought off” by global entities that don’t have the best interests of their constituent nations in mind. Together we can work to expose this reality and instead work toward global peace via informed citizenries across the globe. It will be difficult but we must try to work toward global peace driven by millions of advocates from every nation that join this effort. It’s a lofty goal but we can see that governments have failed decade after decade and century after century, so informed citizenries that are armed with truth and facts and that are motivated to make the right changes are the answer!

The Right-Sizing of Government. Governments throughout the world are underfunded, over-promised, constrained by massive debt, inefficient, waste tremendous amounts of money, suffer from rampant corruption, and are in urgent need of fixing. We discuss strategies to solve these problems within governments, and then to redirect resources in the most efficient way to fund the needs of the people while providing maximum freedom.

Current Events. The Wisdom Vision Network brings you the most relevant and up-to-date news on major subjects of importance.

We Grow by Helping Others to Grow! The great Zig Ziglar said: “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough people get what they want.” One of the major objectives of The Wisdom Vision Network is to help others prosper and grow in abundance spiritually, intellectually, physically, personally and financially. With the unique mechanisms we have in place, we in turn also grow in abundance so we can help even more people in need and we encourage all of our members to do the same. It is truly a win-win situation!

Universal Hashtags: Here are some of the hashtags we use on all social networks to help connect like-minded Wisdom Vision members to coordinate, inform, recruit, bring awareness to, fund, and physically serve worthy causes:
#WisVisFeedTheHungry - #WisVisCleanWater - #WisVisClotheThePoor - #WisVisDiseaseAndIllnessCare - #WisVisMentalCare - #WisVisPhysicalCare - #WisVisHomelessCare - #WisVisWoundedWarriorCare - #WisVisInjuredFirstResponderCare - #WisVisWidowAndOrphanCare - #WisVisStopHumanTrafficking - #WisVisEndSlavery - #WisVisPrisonMinistry - #WisVisChristianMinistry - #WisVisChristianBusinessNetwork - #WisVisFamilyAdvocacy - #WisVisEducationExcellenceForAll - #WisVisBusinessPhilanthropy - #WisVisNewFinancialSolutions - #WisVisNewEnergySolutions - #WisVisSmartGovernmentSolutions - #WisVisFreedomAdvocate -  #WisdomVision - #WisVis.

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